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Yemelyan Filatov
Yemelyan Filatov

Agilent Intuilink Data Capture Software 12 !FREE!

"I need to do a screen capture of an Agilent spectrum analyzer (Model 4408B) and this SA will output an image in JPEG in 488.2 Definite Length Block format. This means the JPEG file will have a header that starts with a "#", is followed by a single digit that gives the length of a following count field, and then the count field, which gives the length of data being sent. For example, to send a block of 1024 bytes, the header would have the form "#41024"." read the second character 4 in this case to find out how many characters to strip off, in this case 6.

Agilent Intuilink Data Capture Software 12

The included Agilent IntuiLink software allows you to easily create, edit, and download complex waveforms using the intuiLink Arbitrary Waveform Editor. Or you can capture a waveform using IntuiLink oscilloscope or DMM and send it to the 33250A for output. For programmers, ActiveX components can be used to control the instrument using SCPI commands. IntuiLink provides the tools to easily create, download, and manage waveforms for your 33250A. To find out more about IntuiLink, visit 076b4e4f54


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