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Codigos Autoplay Media Studio Download For Computer

One more thing. If youre using IAC::Pegasus::Media, you can still use AutoPlay Media Studio. IAC::Pegasus::Media replaces the media library functionality of AutoPlay Media Studio. To get started, you can grab the latest version of AutoPlay Media Studio here. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Codigos Autoplay Media Studio download for computer

NEW! Support for non-English languages AutoPlay Media Studio 8 supports the ability to display non-English versions of the included application files and files from the included plug-ins. You can even set the program to not show prompts or warnings in non-English language versions. So when you run a show that is in a non-English language, you will be shown the version of that language instead of the English version. For example, you can run an English version of Microsoft Office 2003, and still see the dialogs and words in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

NEW! Automatic DVD Navi AutoPlay Media Studio 8 allows you to set up a DVD player so that the computer automatically loads the software required to watch DVD movies. In fact, the menu of your DVD player will be a user interface for AutoPlay Media Studio. Just select AutoPlay and everything should work as advertised.

NEW! Jump Lists AutoPlay Media Studio 8 lets you change the right click menu to include any file or folder directly in the Jump Lists. You can also jump directly to any file in the Jump Lists.

NEW! Support for Powerpoint AutoPlay Media Studio allows you to control presentations that were created using Microsoft Office presentation software. For example, you can create a slideshow with your favorite photos, and create a presentation of them for show off to your friends and family.


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