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Where To Buy Duffel Bags Near Me

Luggage can be used for many purposes. Generally, people think of luggage in association with going on a trip, but you can use luggage for camping trips, going to the gym, or a day excursion. The main issue is finding luggage sets, duffel bags, carry-on bags, etc. that are going to meet your needs.

where to buy duffel bags near me

Duffel bags are convenient and can be easily transported from place to place. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are optimal for light traveling; extensive traveling would warrant large luggage bags or a luggage set. Furthermore, some duffel bags have wheels so it is easier to transport them through airports.

Carry-on bags are similar to duffel bags, but better resemble traditional luggage bags. They may have a lined internal structure so clothes remain folded and intact through travel. Handles are usually reinforced and comfortable to grab. Depending on the model, a carry-on may also have wheels to make transporting easier for the traveler. The size of a carry-on bag can vary; some may be sold individually or some may come as part of a larger luggage set.

When shopping for a duffel, it's important to consider your style of travel and your bag needs. You should first look at the size, capacity, and organizational components of a duffel to ensure it will suit your needs wherever your travels take you.

If you enjoy camping and the outdoors, you may also want to prioritize durability and look for bags made of waterproof or water resistant materials. Be sure to review the design and shape of a bag, especially when fully packed, so you can comfortably transport your duffel whether running through an airport or walking around a new city.

Some duffel bags are designed with purpose-specific features like shoe compartments, ball holders, and wheels, but the best duffel bags for multi-purpose use are those with a simple design: a single main compartment with dual handles and/or an adjustable shoulder strap. Additional pockets are nice to have to stash small essentials like keys, a phone, and a wallet.

Like with any bag or backpack, durability is key in duffel bags. Look for features like double-stitching and water-resistant material to help combat wear and tear. Our Base Camp Duffels, for example, are made with both of these features plus a water-resistant ID window on top for easy identification at the airport. The zippered flap is also weather-resistant.

Duffel bags typically have both handles and a shoulder strap. The North Face Base Camp duffels feature a detachable, adjustable, and ergonomic should strap that minimizes twisting during use. That means whether you're slinging your bag across town or across the airport, you won't arrive at your destination with sore shoulders. Some of our duffel bags like the Base Camp style can also be worn like a backpack for when you want your hands free to navigate difficult situations.

The name "duffel" comes from the material that was originally used to make these bags. Duffel is a village near Antwerp, Belgium and is where the material was produced strating around the mid-17th century. While the proper spelling is "duffel" bag, sometimes people spell it "duffle".