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Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez

Noir Texture Pack.7z ##BEST##

Aphotica brings the world of dark ambient to your productions with a massive pack of sound design tools in both premixed ready-to-go dark atmospheres, and a massive selection of individual stem elements for creating your own atmospheres and textures in seconds.

Noir Texture Pack.7z

Nocturna is a new collection of foley and custom sounds focused on future garage and ambient minimal music. With a new set of sounds from my personal collection and a massive collection of new content specifically for this pack, it was designed to act as a definitive collection of unique sounds and samples for ambient artists or adding a sense of unique texture and flair to other productions and styles.

Morii is a collection of sounds from my personal library, as well as some new material designed for this pack. Focused on ambient and future garage styles, Morii brings a textured and cinematic pack of foley and designed sounds together in a collection of one shots and loops.

A challenging competitor in Soul Cairn and a powerful ally, the Durnehviir that this mod delivers is a better, stronger, remastered God of Death. He is re-textured and can breathe blue or purple undead flames (inspired by Game of Thrones).

Tau Myx 25 august 2021, 05:56 - Reply Hello everyone.I've been drawing digitally since the 1980's. I've tried a bunch of different programs that simulate "Natural media", and I find them quite frustrating. What is the point of simulating all these different physical tools that are themselves used to simulate the subject the artist actually wants to draw? It's like a car that needs a whip and horseshoes to drive. Why can't digital brushes be made that directly draw common subjects, like leaves, grasses, stone textures, hair, excetera? There used to be some programs that did this, but they don't run on modern machines.

David REVOY Author, 06 september 2021, 14:52 - Reply Yes, check the source files (the "Sources and License" button on the gallery); in the source Kra file, you'll find the texture on the bottom group.

mia 13 april 2022, 23:47 - Reply Hi David! i came here to give your brushes a try because they seem very cool!! however, i kind of struggle to download this brush pack, im still new to the program and the way importing new brushes into it work. But anyway.. is there a simple way to download brushes? Hope you see this message even when i am late, Lol. In case you see this message, i wanted to ask you this very important question, I downloaded krita about a month ago, and everything worked very fine, I loved the app LOTS, especially the new brushes they offered! i believe it is named as ''RGBA brushes" It's about the textured brushes If I am being correct. Anyway! so I was slowly experimenting those lovely brushes and i started to obsess with them, the next day I open krita again, I didn't find the brushes, ever again. they seem to be missing, not one, two, MANY brushse, especially the textured ones, is there anyway i can fix this? thanks in advance! 041b061a72


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