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Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez

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If anything written in this chapter and the last is true, then one should expect some experimental support. Specifically, an influence of the mind on physical reality seems a pertinent area of research. Alas, any suggestion of a direct connection between subjective consciousness and objective reality conjures up the final taboo of the supernatural. Parapsychology is the study of paranormal and psychic phenomena, refereed to as psi research in the following. There probably exists no other topic that triggers as much disdain, animosity, and contempt in scientists, philosophers, and theologians alike. Psi research is an off-limits subject matter obviously unworthy of any serious attention, as it has allegedly been debunked ages ago. Furthermore, it is seen as a threat to the prevailing materialistic and reductionistic scientific paradigm, which confidently dictates what is possible and not. For instance, scholars can propose the following speculative traits of reality, without fearing any professional backlash or public ridicule: reality is (up to) eleven-dimensional (Sect. 10.2.2), where the additional dimensions conveniently curl up and become undetectable; there exists a mirror world of supersymmetric particles (Sect. 4.3.2); the universe is a hologram (Sect. 13.4.1); we live in the multiverse, an infinite collection of parallel universes (Sect.; causality is an illusion (Sect.; time is an illusion (Sect. 10.4.2); consciousness is an illusion (Sect. 11.1); free will is an illusion (Sect. 11.4.1); and panpsychism. However, exclaiming that the subjective could potentially have a direct influence on the objective is professional suicide.Footnote 49 Of course, it does not help that history is fraught with charlatans and fraudsters preying on the gullible and uninformed.

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