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Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez

Bach Cello Suites For Guitar

Playing around with alternative tunings can be a lot of fun. A very interesting one to look at is ADGC. This tuning brings the bottom of your bass's range a 4th higher. At the same time it adds notes to the high end. This increases the expressive possiblities of the bass guitar. The shift in range of ADGC tuning brings the bass guitars range closer to the cello's. Why Study Classical Music on Bass Guitar?It Will Improve Your TechniqueBach's cello suites are full of arpeggios, scales and chords. All the stuff you need to practice anyway, bundled in beautiful masterpieces. Why practice boring exercises when you can play some of the most amazing music ever written?

Bach Cello Suites For Guitar

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Can anyone recommend a recording of the cello suites onclassical guitar? I really like Nigel North's Bach on the Lute Vol.3which features the cello suites on Lute. But I'd really liketo have a recording on CG...-- CYa, Mario

I only know of two complete guitar recordings of the cello suites: J.S.Bach: The Complete Suites for Solo Cello Suites for Solo Cello BWV1007-12 CROWN CRCC-8003&4 (2CDs) Kazuhito YamashitaI've not heard it, but I've heard Yamashita's recording of the violinsonatas & partitas. Based on that, I wouldn't buy his cello suitesrecording. But if you're not bothered by hard tone and allegros playedas prestos, then you might like it. J. S. Bach Suites para violoncello BWV 1007-9 Opera tres CD1041 J. S. Bach Suites para violoncello BWV 1010-12 Opera tres CD1043 Marcos DiazNot great, and the transcriptions occasionally strike me as a bitodd, but clean and honest performances.Neither are great performances of the complete cello suites.There are, however, a few guitarists today who, if they everget around to it, could do a great recording. One can only hope.In the meantime, I'll stick with my Janos Starker recording.Tom PooreCleveland Heights, OHUSA

> Neither are great performances of the complete cello suites.> There are, however, a few guitarists today who, if they ever> get around to it, could do a great recording. One can only hope.> In the meantime, I'll stick with my Janos Starker recording.>> Tom Poore> Cleveland Heights, OH> USA

I've been working up the 1st cello suite on 13 strings.. it soundsDivine! If I were only young and naive again, I'd record them all. If I remember correctly didn't John Williams record all the cellosuites? I wish they would re issue those early recordings again. MT

You mean the high strings, not the high notes. I think it sounds to cliche in D. I heard a friend of mine with an 8string guitar play it in G the original key and it sounded more like acello in the lower range. It was the best I had ever heard itplayed........ I've not heard Stanley Yates recording however. Iwonder why Stanley did it in C. MT

I heard Anner Bylsma, play all 6 suites in concert. After that Irealized how rhythmic they were, most guitarists don't emphasize thisaspect very well. My son is a good cello player. When I play the 1stcello suite on guitar, he just laughs at me and rolls his eyes.MT

> I think it sounds to cliche in D. I heard a friend of mine with an 8> string guitar play it in G the original key and it sounded more like a> cello in the lower range. It was the best I had ever heard it> played........ I've not heard Stanley Yates recording however. I> wonder why Stanley did it in C.> MT

I remember it well, but at the time I wasn't conscious of the key,but it sounded great! After that I bought your edition of the cellosuites. When are you coming back to Santa Fe? Why did you choose C?because of the lower register? I like it lower than D. I have to playit in E flat major. MT

In support of our beloved instrument, I must report that a friend ofmine was playing a Bach festival in Calif. last year, in which heplayed the 1st cello suite. A female cellist approached him after theperformance and told him she prefers hearing it on guitar. MT

These are transcriptions for standard guitar in Johann Sebastian Bach's original keys, with absolute adherence to the melodies, harmonies and rhythms notated in the cello scores by Friedrich Grutzmacher, Johan Dotzauer, Joseph Malkin and Hugo Becker.

Buy a music license to Classical, Baroque, Instrumental : colorful classical guitar: Bach Cello Suites on 8 String Guitar : Daniel EstremLicense music of Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Classical Guitar.Album notes: The 6 Suites for Unaccompanied Cello (circa 1720) contain a wide emotional rangeand their intimacy has made them amongst Johann Sebastian Bach's most popular works today.Portions of the suites have been transcribed for a great variety of instruments.There have been several transcriptions for the standard 6-string guitar thatrequire transposing the cello score into the higher range of the guitar. Most ofthe transcribers have liberally added extra bass notes and harmonies to"enhance" the comparatively sparse cello score. Daniel Estrem's recordings of the first three suites are in their original keysand are read from the original bass clef (normally guitar music is written inthe treble clef). The extended lower range of the 8-string guitar allows theperformer to play the same notes as the cello. Using this approach there is noapparent need to add any extra notes or improve on the composer's score.Bio: Daniel Estrem began his musical practice on keyboard at age 5 with the urging of his parents. In 1960 the fire for classical guitar was ignited after hearing a Segovia recording. He began study of the guitar at age 11 with Dr. James Condell, a teacher of classical and jazz guitar in Moorhead, MN. Living 60 miles away in Fergus Falls, the determined young student would ride the train to Moorhead every other Saturday for lessons. The luring attraction of the rock band era forged by the Beatles in the mid-60's consequently led him to electric guitar and the dissection of popular songs. This rather basic skill learned at an early age has proved very useful later in life with more complex musical forms.Estrem later studied classical guitar with Jeffrey Van in St. Paul, MN, and taught classical guitar at Macalester College, Augsburg College, and Hamline University in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. His affection for classical, jazz, world, popular, blues, and early music has made his performances somewhat difficult to classify. Rather than remain strictly within one genre he prefers to perform and arrange pieces from a variety of sources. He keeps an ever-changing repertoire on 8 and 6-string classical guitars, 7 and 6-string acoustic guitars, 7- string jazz guitar, electric bass, 8-course renaissance lute, tenor ukulele, sarod and bouzouki.Estrem is best known for his recorded guitar duet work with John Holmquist. Their first LP recording, Music of Edvard Grieg (on the Cavata label) consists of Estrem's transcriptions of 11 Lyric Pieces and the Holberg Suite, published by Music of the Americas. He was the arranger and producer of 5 CDs of jazz standards recorded with Holmquist on the Projazz label which were distributed internationally. The duo concertized extensively for many years and performed on NPR's "St. Paul Sunday" program, a nationwide broadcast. They had the opportunity to play for Segovia while the maestro dined at a private home after giving a concert. He seemed unfamiliar with the duet repertoire and kept requesting more music (as he consumed his steak).In 1978 Estrem graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School and the evening of graduation gave a solo concert at Macalester College. The concert hall date had to be reserved 9 months in advance and the Dental School only announced its graduation day 6 months in advance. Although the over-scheduled day was somewhat of a coincidence, a friend commented that this was a sign that music would continue to be a passionate force for many years to come.Estrem says, "listening to good music is fine, and can be very moving, but I love to play it. The musical vibrations going through my body somehow make me feel better and more alive. It's especially magical when a musician is able to get into that "zone" where technique simply flows and time is suspended. There was a now-defunct music store in the Twin Cities that had as its motto, If you really Love music ---Play It. Of course, they had an ulterior motive, but I always liked that phrase. I love intimate music....solos, duets, trios or quartets. It's possible to get a good look into the soul of the artist with a small ensemble. There is no language like music when it comes to expressing emotions."One of Daniel's previous releases on Magnatune was "Edvard Grieg" a re-release of a recording made in 1980. On it Daniel collaborates with John Holmquist, together they performed as a duo until 1988. John won first prize at the Guitar 78 International Competition in Toronto and a Solo Recitalist Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. He has toured extensively and recorded several outstanding solo CDs. He was the head of the guitar department at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee as well as the head of the guitar programme at the Cleveland Institute of Music.On Daniel's album "Preludes and Fugues of Jeremiah Lawson vol 1", Daniel plays the works of Jeremiah Lawson, (b 1974) a guitarist and composer living in the Seattle area. He received a B.A. in journalism from Seattle Pacific University in 1997 where he studied guitar with Hilary Field and composition with Eric Hanson.Click to a genre to see a list of artists:Alt RockAmbientAvant-GardeBaroqueBluesChoralClarinetClassicalAitua : dreamy and beautiful original compositions on classical guitarAlan Rinehart : A feast of Renaissance and Baroque musicAlex McCartney : Reflective, historically-informed performance on the luteAlison Crum and Roy Marks : Ethereal, enigmatic and exhilarating renaissance miniature masterpieces for viol and luteAlmaNova : lively flute/guitar duoAltri Stromenti : 17th century baroque ensembleAmerican Baroque : Spectacular Baroque and Classical chamber musicAndreas Almqvist : elegant classical guitarAndrew Jilin : merging classical European and traditional Japanese to create captivating cinematic flute musicAnneke Scott and Kathryn Cok : Virtuosic works for natural horn and fortepianoAnthony Salvo : solo and layered violin music on the theme of relational and spiritual intimacyAsteria : late-medieval vocal and instrumental musicBach Collegium San Diego : Bach, historically informed, vibrantly performedBill Robinson : New Music in the Classical contextBriddes Roune : 13th century medieval English songsCanconier : Medieval music from the 12th to the 15th centuriesCary Chow : virtuoso pianoChad Lawson : Multi-award winning pianist and composer who is not afraid to put his hat in anythingChambure Vihuela Quartet : Dance music and songs of Renaissance SpainCheryl Ann Fulton : World-class performer and teacher of Medieval, Baroque, Welsh triple, Celtic and Concert harps.Chris Britton : virtuoso performances of Bach on unaccompanied fluteChristos Anestopoulos : Where East meets West meets Jazz meets...ClassicalCobb Bussinger : Melodic, passionate, introspective and transcendent journeys to the heartColin Booth : solo harpsichord musicCommusicare : musical conversation from the Renaissance to the BaroqueCraig Hanson : exquisitely moving Baroque organ musicDa Camera : Celtic Renaissance/Baroque EnsembleDaniel Ben Pienaar : virtuoso pianist playing Bach's 48Daniel Estrem : colorful classical guitarBach Cello Suites on 8 String GuitarBach Cello Suites on 8 String Guitar volume 2Bach Harpsichord Suites on GuitarBach Keyboard Works on GuitarJS Bach on Solo MandolaJS Bach Trios on GuitarJS Bach on Solo UkuleleJS Bach on 8 string guitar, vol 1JS Bach on 8 string guitar, vol 2JS Bach on Guitar and UkuleleBaroque Concertos on 8 String GuitarWilliam Byrd for GuitarCimarosa on GuitarThe Classical Period on Ukulele and GuitarClassical UkuleleClassical Ukulele Volume 2CollageDebussy on Guitar and UkuleleDowland on 8 String GuitarEdvard GriegEstrem plays LawsonThe Four Seasons - 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