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Download Space Case PDF for Free: A Book Review and Summary

Space Case (Moon Base Alpha) Book Pdf

Do you love science fiction, mystery and adventure? Do you want to read a thrilling story set on the moon? If you answered yes, then you should check out Space Case, a Moon Base Alpha novel by Stuart Gibbs. This book is the first in a series of three books that follow the adventures of Dashiell Gibson, a twelve-year-old boy who lives on the first human colony on the moon. In this article, we will tell you what the book is about, why you should read it, how you can get the book pdf, and what are some other books by Stuart Gibbs that you might enjoy.

Space Case (Moon Base Alpha) Book Pdf

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What is the book about?

Space Case is a murder mystery on the moon. Dashiell Gibson, or Dash for short, is one of the few kids who live on Moon Base Alpha, a small and boring outpost that houses 20 people. Dash is famous for being one of the first humans to live on the moon, but he is also bored out of his mind. He can't go outside without a spacesuit, he can't play any sports, and he has to eat recycled food. The only other kid his age is Roddy, who spends all his time playing virtual reality games.

But Dash's life changes when he hears a scream one night and discovers that Dr. Holtz, one of the moon's most prominent scientists, has been murdered. Dash suspects foul play, but no one believes him. Everyone thinks that Dr. Holtz went onto the lunar surface without his helmet properly affixed, which caused his death. But Dash knows that Dr. Holtz was on the verge of an important new discovery, and that someone might have killed him to keep it a secret.

Dash decides to investigate the murder on his own, with the help of Kira, a girl who lives on another part of the moon base. Together, they uncover clues that lead them to a shocking revelation: Dr. Holtz was not alone on the moon. He had made contact with an alien life form, and someone wanted to silence him before he could reveal it to the world.

Will Dash and Kira be able to solve the mystery and expose the truth? Will they be able to survive the dangers of living on the moon? And will they ever find out what the alien wants from them?

Why should you read the book?

Space Case is a book that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Here are some reasons why you should read it:

  • It's funny. Stuart Gibbs has a great sense of humor and writes witty dialogue and hilarious situations. You will laugh out loud at Dash's sarcastic comments and Roddy's ridiculous antics.

  • It's educational. Stuart Gibbs has done a lot of research on what living on the moon would be like, and he incorporates many scientific facts and details into his story. You will learn about gravity, oxygen, radiation, lunar dust, space suits, rovers, habitats, and more.

  • It's inspiring. Stuart Gibbs shows that science and exploration are exciting and rewarding, and that anyone can be a hero. Dash is a smart and brave kid who uses his curiosity and logic to solve problems and save the day. Kira is a strong and resourceful girl who helps Dash along the way. They both show that you can achieve anything if you work hard and follow your dreams.

How can you get the book pdf?

If you want to read Space Case, you have several options to get the book pdf. Here are some of them:

  • You can buy the book online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other retailers. You can choose to get the paperback, hardcover, or Kindle edition. The Kindle edition is compatible with any device that has the Kindle app, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers.

  • You can borrow the book from your local library. You can check if they have a physical copy or an e-book version. If they have an e-book version, you can download it to your device using an app like OverDrive or Libby.

  • You can access the book for free from, a website that offers millions of books, movies, music, and more for free. You can read the book online or download it as a pdf or epub file. You can also listen to the audiobook version if you prefer.

What are some other books by Stuart Gibbs?

If you liked Space Case, you will be happy to know that there are two more books in the Moon Base Alpha series: Spy Ski School and Waste of Space. In these books, Dash and Kira continue their adventures on the moon and face new mysteries and dangers.

Stuart Gibbs is also the author of two other popular series for middle-grade readers: the Spy School series and the FunJungle series. The Spy School series follows Ben Ripley, a junior spy who attends a secret academy where he learns how to be a spy and goes on dangerous missions. The FunJungle series follows Teddy Fitzroy, a boy who lives in a zoo and solves crimes involving animals. Both series are full of humor, action, and suspense.

You can find all of Stuart Gibbs's books on his website:


Space Case is a fantastic book that will appeal to anyone who loves science fiction, mystery and adventure. It's funny, educational and inspiring, and it will make you want to read more books by Stuart Gibbs. You can get the book pdf online from various sources, or you can buy or borrow a physical copy. Either way, you won't regret reading this book.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Space Case today and join Dash and Kira on their exciting journey on the moon!


  • Q: When was Space Case published?

  • A: Space Case was published in 2014 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

  • Q: What age group is Space Case suitable for?

  • A: Space Case is suitable for ages 8-12, but it can also be enjoyed by older readers who like science fiction and mystery.

  • Q: How many pages does Space Case have?

  • A: Space Case has 352 pages in the paperback edition.

  • Q: Is Space Case based on real science?

  • A: Space Case is based on real science, but it also contains some fictional elements, such as the alien life form. Stuart Gibbs has consulted with experts from NASA and other organizations to make his story realistic and accurate.

  • Q: Is Space Case going to be made into a movie?

  • A: There is no official announcement about a movie adaptation of Space Case yet, but Stuart Gibbs has said that he would love to see his books on the big screen someday.



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