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Trigun Stampede Episode 6

TRIGUN STAMPEDE has definitely come into its own with the sixth episode of the series visiting the past of the recently-introduced Nicholas D. Wolfwood, or rather, "The Punisher". This episode is a visual treat, with an interestingly animated flashback scene giving context to an origin story that once again brings religion into the mix as the mysterious in-universe cult introduced in Rollo's backstory explored in TRIGUN STAMPEDE episode 5.

Trigun Stampede Episode 6

The episode begins with a flashback to Wolfwood killing off a member of the mysterious cult introduced during Vash's revisit to the Windmill Village. The fleeing cultist fires several rounds that would surely be fatal for any normal person; however, Wolfwood's penchant for high-speed regeneration puts the cultist in the unfortunate position of having to beg for mercy from someone he literally just killed. After the opening credits, TRIGUN STAMPEDE episode 6 presents the radio as an expository device once again, revealing the continued elusiveness of the criminal group stealing plants from various settlements. The July government continues its search, with Vash The Stampede remaining a major suspect in the case. When the group arrive at the huge Sand Steamer dubbed "Humpback", only Vash and Wolfwood board the passenger and cargo vessel. This irritates Meryl, who reminds De Niro that it is their job to continue keeping an eye on Vash. De Niro relents under Meryl's iron will, and the two follow the Sand Steamer on its trans-continental voyage in their cruiser, as usual.

After the title card, the style for the following scene follows a format similar to silent movies, with each piece of dialogue being presented on a black screen after each cut. Ambient noise and contemplative music are the only sound in the flashbacks, and the animation style is incredibly beautiful in this part of TRIGUN STAMPEDE episode 6, briefly abandoning the 3D look of the show for a 2D, cartoonish but heavily detailed art style as Nicholas's childhood alongside his little brother, Livio, is slowly revealed. The dreamlike style and colours used in the depiction of the sad but peaceful scenes of Wolfwood's childhood in an orphanage are interrupted by phrases of gunfire from Livio, who remains silent as he continues attacking. It's clear that Livio and Wolfwood were incredibly close, with Livio relying heavily on his elder brother after his introduction to the orphanage. Despite Wolfwood's protests, Livio continues his ambush as Vash scrambles away.

As one would expect, the orphanage where Nicholas lived for a while was a source of test subjects for Dr. Williams' highly experimental drug. Children who were thought to have a high chance of compatibility with the substance were ranked and taken away from the orphanage. Nicholas was seen as a monster for his S+ Class level compatibility with the drug, and subsequently inducted into the "Eye of Michael". This sixth episode of TRIGUN STAMPEDE sees the introduction of popular character Legato Bluesummers, who informs Nicholas that he will be the embodiment of the divine punishment of Millions Knives, eliminating the unwanted in order to maintain the smooth completion of Knives' plans. Legato presents Livio as a hostage, explaining that he agreed to become a test subject in the event that Nicholas refuses. Back to the present, Vash is adamant that they can save Livio, and keeps trying to get the security detail to escape the scene. In between gunfire and flashbacks, De Niro and Meryl are shown in pursuit of the Sand Steamer, but they're soon lapped by a huge swarm of members of the Bad Lads Gang.

This is hands-down my favorite episode of STAMPEDE so far, despite also being the episode where Vash received the least amount of focus. Instead, the spotlight is on Wolfwood, where he came from, and how he's going to tackle the moral dilemma of potentially putting down someone that he considered a brother. Last episode established that Wolfwood's views on things are harsher, yet more practical and realistic compared to Vash, who wants to try to save everybody. This episode gives us a better look inside Wolfwood's head through some beautifully drawn and quiet flashback sequences that act as a great contrast to the action in the present day.

Wolfwood was raised in an orphanage that seems to be connected to the professor who works under Knives. During that time, he met a new kid that he basically adopted as a brother. But then Wolfwood was taken away, experimented on for months, and seems to be forced to carry out hits for this organization so that other kids don't suffer the same fate. It definitely paints a different light on Woolwood's actions in the previous episode as it implied that he knew the child that Vash was trying to save, and lends a bit more weight to his statement that he killed that kid out of mercy.

Trigun Stampede is a 2023 anime series based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Yasuhiro Nightow. In June 2022, it was announced the series would be animated by Orange. It aired from January to March 2023.[1] It was directed by Kenji Mutō, with Kōji Tajima serving as concept designer and credited with the character concept.[2][3] Crunchyroll licensed it for a global release.[4] The opening theme is "Tombi" by Kvi Baba, while the ending theme is "Hoshi no Kuzu α" by Salyu and Haruka Nakamura.[5] At end of the 12th episode, it was announced that a "final phase" is in production.[6]

Warning: Spoilers for Trigun Stampede, Episode 6Fans of Trigun Stampede may have been a bit surprised at its most recent episode, which saw a massive style shift towards a traditional animation style for certain segments. Despite the radical change, though, the episode is far better off as a result.

In episode 6, Trigun Stampede dives into Wolfwood's backstory, bringing with it a 2-D, traditionally drawn style, rather than the series' trademark CGI-derived style. The change in style puts viewers into a different mindset, hammering home the idea that these events unfolded long ago. It also manages to provide a little insight into Wolfwood himself in an impressive display of character nuance.

The first flashback segment is about 7 minutes into the episode and is drawn over a background similar to weathered paper, giving it something of a sepia-like effect, a visual signifier for memories. The style is simple and uses warm colors, further drawing the connection to a rose-colored look at the past. Despite being set in an orphanage, these are Wolfwood's happiest days in Trigun, after all, when he would spend time with his little brother Livio, getting up to trouble. The second flashback segment, though, takes a wild turn. As the young Wolfwood is experimented upon and drugged, the imagery becomes almost psychedelic in nature, colorful and surreal, as he sees Livio and others from the orphanage calling out to him in his mind. As soon as the experimentation memories are over, though, and Wolfwood has his adult appearance, it cuts hard back to the CGI, delineating the moment that this hopeful child was successfully destroyed.

While only a few episodes in, Trigun Stampede has certainly proven its CG style with incredible action scenes and one-shots. Now, the series has proven that it can handle other styles as well and knows exactly when best to use them for maximum effect.

Trigun Stampede is getting ready for the halfway point of its new reboot anime series' run this Winter, and now fans have gotten the first look at what is coming next with the teaser trailer for Episode 6 of the anime! The new take on Yasuhiro Nightow's classic manga franchise has thrown fans into a much different kind of take on the series than ever expected. With a fully 3D CG animation production, younger looks for each of the characters, and some key twists and turns, this new series has been pretty exciting to see where each episode would take its characters and story.

Trigun Stampede has begun teaming Vash with the classic fan favorite Nicholas D. Wolfwood for its past couple of episodes, and that's teased to continue with what's coming next. But it seems like things will be even more action packed in Episode 6 as the teaser trailer teases a gun fight with someone that Nicholas not only recognizes, but is very tense around. It's going to make for a good watch, and you can check out the trailer for Trigun Stampede Episode 6 below:

Episode 6 of Trigun Stampede is titled "Once Upon a Time in Hopeland" and is currently scheduled to premiere on Saturday, February 11th in Japan. Fans will be able to check out the episode shortly after it premiere with Crunchyroll. If you wanted to catch up with the new reboot series before the new episodes, you can currently find the first few episodes now streaming there as well. The English dub release (which was recently hit with a delay) has kicked off its run as well.

How are you liking Trigun Stampede's run so far? What are you hoping to see in the reboot's next episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

As a side effect of the experimentation he's undergone, Wolfwood was aged rapidly, now in an adult body despite probably only being a teenager in terms of literal years lived. That's the exact opposite of Vash, who was revealed in the last episode to have gone without aging for at least 20 years. While Vash refuses to kill or even really use violence, even against assassins sent to kill him, Wolfwood has killed many with his Cross Punisher, both those who've meant to harm him and those that didn't. And this episode reveals that at the heart of it, Wolfwood went along with all the evil acts that the Eye of Michael ordered him to do in order to protect Livio, because he had no choice. Vash and Wolfwood are the ultimate examples of idealism and pragmatism, respectively, so it's no wonder they have a difficult time getting along at times. 041b061a72


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